Cramond Island Writer’s Retreat

This was one of my first projects at ECA, the theme that I explored in this project was the contrast of solid and void and how the two contrasting elements provided varying degrees of comfort and shelter.  I organised the program of the brief in such a way that all the utilities and sleeping accommodation were housed in the solid form of the building.  Whereas the living space and creative spaces were contained within the void forms of the project.




Berlin Dance Academy

The BDA was my honours year project.  The main theme that was explored in this project was one of urban knitting.  Which in this case was to stitch together the Kultural Forum and the newly developed Potsdamer Platz.  The main principal was to bring a new function to the site which would draw people through the building and into the central core the Kultural Forum.



Waverley Valley Project

The main aim of this project was to recreate the urban fabric that already existed on the Royal Mile. By focusing on the spaces between the buildings rather than the architecture, a more modernised version of the pens could be created.  Through the use of level changes and diverse material textures, the narrow shaded streets became enjoyable break out spaces, for the local residents.

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