Architectural Photography

Throughout my years of study at university I had the privilege of visiting many European cities for educational purposes.  These included the cities of Paris, Berlin and Copenhagen.  This allowed me to explore these beautiful urban realms with my camera.  I have a passion to record the intrinsic details of the urban landscape and with the camera I am able to explore details at an almost macro level.

Landscape Photography

Over the years of my childhood I was dragged around the beautiful landscapes of Scotland from the dramatic scenery of Loch Lomond and Glencoe to the stunning Eastern coastlines of Largs and Kyle of Lochalsh. I never fully appreciated the beautiful landscape I found myself in, however in the present day that is a completely different situation.  Any time there are discussions of walks in Pentlands to weekends in Mallaig the first thing I do is charge my camera batteries in preparation so I can capture the beauty I am in no doubt about to visit.

Macro Photography

My brief encounters with macro photography have generally been due to the need for me to record the details of models I created at university.  I have always wanted to get into macro photography as I love the worlds and textures you can find when you get really close to the world around you.

Portrait Photography

This has been my biggest passion in photography in as long as I can remember.  I love how a photo can capture a single second in time be it a fleeting smile or the moment someone explodes in rage.  This ability is what draws me in, I love photographic architecture but it has its limit eventually, but there never seems to be a limit with portraits.  You take 5 shots one after another and each one is different.

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