model image autoscheme

At this moment in time I am currently employed by Schematic Ltd as a 3D Visual Artist.  My main tasks within the company; to create dynamic 3D models of catering equipment, organise the models into a database which is continually up-to-date with any changes manufacturers make to their equipment, to assist the programming team in finding any bugs in the Autoscheme software, and to test that models are being correctly loaded and rendered within the new piece of software.


David Blaikie Architects

A number of months ago I was approached by David Blaikie Architects and was asked to generate a concept model, which was to be used to support  a proposal for a design in Edinburgh.   The model itself was in essence just the shell of the project showing the mass of the development on the plot and to give the prospective client an understanding of the materiality and styling of the overall design.The model was completed within a very tight deadline, which was 2 days.


Quarriers Leaflet

Quarriers Front Blue

A few years ago I was asked by a friend of my partners to create a series of leaflets for a marketing campaign that they were involved with.  The brief was simply to create a very clean and simple leaflet that highlighted the importance of correct handling and moving for untrained carers.  Below are the leaflets I produced, the leaflets were designed to fit along with other marketing material used by Quarriers at the time.

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